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For more than 20 years, our international team have been designing and producing yarns for hand knitting.
During this time, our collection have grown up to 3,000 models of different yarns that we develop and produced for dozens of leading brands in Germany, the USA, Turkey, Italy, Japan, Poland, France, Brazil, the Netherlands, the UK and many others.

We are trying to make an active contribution to the development of knitting industry and introduce our clients to newest trends, as soon as they come in to market. For this purpose it was decided to collect all our most modern and popular models and offer them to knitters around the world under the brand OldEwe
We are constantly improving the quality of our products, interacting with technical laboratories and craftsmen of knitting business worldwide. The primary objective of our products - be up to date and anticipate the future.

The primary objective of our products - combine the two basic things:
1. Traditions of high quality natural yarn production introduced by generations of manufacturers.
2. Innovations of modern yarn production, that make our yarn more qualitative, colorful, more resistant to keep quality while washing and wearing and hypoallergenic as well as help to keep all.

Main warehouses and manufacturing facilities of OldEwe are located in Istanbul - the intersection of trade routes of the world. This gives us a possibility not only to promptly react and process the request of our clients, but also reduce delivery time to anywhere in the world, as well as to keep abreast of the most fashionable trends in both western and eastern world yarn
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